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Majority of Buisness Users Unwilling to Change Phone to Get Mobile Email

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

New market research conducted by Globo has reported that 65 percent of European business users of mobile phones aren't ready to replace their handsets 'just to have access to emails'. The research highlighted that, although almost half (47%) of the sample surveyed wanted Internet access through their mobile phones, the majority weren't willing to replace their phones just to get this.

The study also found that only nine percent of the people surveyed used their phones to access their emails and only 17 percent used them to surf the Internet. The research found that just 8.6 percent were interested in the technical aspects, capabilities and functionality of a mobile device. The majority were simply concerned about the handset's user-interface, price, its battery life and network coverage.

"Our research has found that a mobile device's 'look and feel' ranks high in the selection process, and emotion is high on the agenda too," commented Costis Papadimitrakopoulos, Founder and CEO of Globo. "We also know that for every person who would queue to be the first with the latest gadget, there is also another who wouldn't change their service provider for anything.

"Our research clearly shows that the requirement for an 'all-in-one' solution that pushes, synchronises and shares all the different applications onto one single platform is certainly there - but regardless of the service provider or handset. And the new generation of social networking sites is changing the equation yet again.

"In a world where mobility, communication, socialisation and interaction are everyday aspects of life, at Globo we have looked to develop a new open mobile communication platform, which provides a unique layer of interaction that pushes and synchronises hundreds of services - email, calendars, contacts and instant messaging - and shares folders, files and more, for both the consumer and corporate user. And this is, no matter the handset, operator, protocol, or network," concluded Costis Papadimitrakopoulos.

The Globo research was conducted on the habits of business and corporate users in 49 companies in different markets, including the retail, distribution and transport sectors.

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