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Mobile Internet Extends the Reach of Leading Websites by 13%

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Web monitoring firm, Nielsen has reported that mobile Internet extends the audience reach of many leading Internet sites by an average of 13 percent over home PC traffic alone. For some categories, such as weather and entertainment, the extended reach can be even greater.

The cross-platform insights come from a new report from Nielsen that integrates data from Nielsen Mobile and Nielsen Online to show the unduplicated, unique audience for more than 200 leading Internet sites across the PC and mobile Internet space. Nielsen's data show that for many Internet publishers, mobile Internet increases the overall size of their audience.

"The data demonstrate that the mobile Internet can not only increase the frequency of visits to a website, but also grow the overall size of the pie," said Jeff Herrmann, Vice President of Mobile Media, Nielsen Mobile. "Publishers can now monetize their total cross-platform audience, and advertisers will better understand the efficiency and incremental value of mobile Web traffic."

Nielsen released data that show - by category - how mobile traffic increases, or "lifts," Internet audience levels. Weather sites get a strong lift from mobile, meaning there are people who access the sites over their phone but not over their home PC, while shopping sites have a mostly duplicated audience, meaning that mobile users who access shopping sites on their phone likely also do so over their home PC:

According to Nielsen, 87 million U.S. mobile users subscribe to mobile Internet services, and more than one in ten mobile subscribers (13.7 percent) actively uses mobile Internet each month. TotalWeb integrates data from Nielsen Online and Nielsen Mobile to report how this growing segment uses both mobile devices and PCs to access the Web.

Nielsen collects TotalWeb data through a survey of active mobile Internet users in Nielsen Online's MegaPanel, the world's highest quality metered Internet panel. Members of the panel have their Internet access and behavior via mobile devices and PCs analyzed to provide site-level reporting of unique audience, active reach, unduplicated audience, audience overlap, and demographics across platforms.

"Unduplicated measurement of the total Internet audience will help AccuWeather.com show advertisers the value of our cross-platform audience," said Dave Wrieden, Executive Director at AccuWeather.com, which received a 43 percent audience lift from mobile Internet users. "Nielsen's TotalWeb service is the only product that gives us that number and so is an important advancement in Internet audience measurement."

Category		Average Lift
Total			13%
Weather1		22%
Entertainment		22%
Games			15%
Music			15%
Email			11%
Sports			10%
Business/Finance	4%
Social Networking	3%
Search			2%
Shopping/Auctions	1%

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