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Telcel Reportedly Gets the iPhone for Mexico

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Mexican media has reported that Apple has inked a deal with local operator, Telcel to launch the iPhone in the country this coming June. Apple is also expected to launch the handset into several other Latin American countries, although the details have not been finalised yet.

Telcel is owned by AmÉ©rica MÉ≥vil - which is also the dominant mobile operator around South America and the Caribbean.

The El Universial newspaper reported the details, citing sources at Apple and employees of Apple stores in New York and San Francisco.

The move could be yet another boost to Telcel - which according to the Mobile World, ended last year with nearly 49 million GSM subscribers - and 72% of the overall Mexican market. There had been some expectation that Telefonica would fight exceptionally hard to get the iPhone in Mexico as it also operates a GSM network, and the "halo effect" would have been a considerable boost to its efforts in taking market share from Telcel.

On the web: El Universial - Mobile World

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