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Volantis Releases Mobile Content Platform as Open Source Software

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Volantis Systems has released its mobile content delivery platform as an open source software offering under the GNU General Public License (GPL), version three. In all the company opened 1.2 million lines of code, the result of seven years' of development, to the community. The company also launched the Mobility Server Project to help developers build out the mobile platform.

In offering its Mobility Server to the community, Volantis says that it hopes to drive adoption and encourage more companies to bring usable and compelling content to the mobile Web.

"Open source software and independent developers are quickly becoming the most important movement in telecommunications industry," said Luis Almansa of Telefonica. "Telefonica has a strong desire to work with open source projects which is why we created the OpenMovilForum project. It's also why we fully support the idea that Volantis develops its own open source initiative."

"The mobile web is rapidly becoming the platform upon which mobile data revenues will be generated. Open source overcomes the limitations imposed on content creation by license-fees," said Nick Lane, director, Direct2 Mobile research. "Open source will redefine the extent to which content publishers will be able to utilize and capitalize on the mobile web's opportunity and enable the emergence of the long tail of content. Everyone's a winner."

"The Internet grew, in large part, because it was easy to develop for the Web. Not only were browsers relatively standardized, but the tools to create databases and complex systems are open and available," said Volantis CEO Mark Watson. "Our goal is to bring that same openness to the mobile Web. Developing for this market is difficult thanks to the splintered phone market, which will only continue to diversify. Developers need an easy-to-use tool with a proven device library in order to help their creativity come alive."

Volantis made its Mobility Server available as a free download in November 2007.

The company has long contributed to a community standards process, driven by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), to create the Device Independent Authoring Language (DIAL) specification. Web development markup languages that comply with the DIAL specification, such as Volantis-created XDIME, can be used interchangeably to create content viewable on any mobile device. Given the maturity of the Volantis platform, the company felt the timing was right to offer its product to the community.

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