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SFR and Alcatel-Lucent field validate DVB-SH Mobile TV terrestrial network

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Alcatel Lucent says that, following the DVB SH pilot jointly performed by French mobile network operator, SFR and Alcatel Lucent from July to December 2007, both companies validated the fundamental assumptions for the deployment of a DVB SH network co localized, for its terrestrial part, with an existing commercial HSDPA network.

The tests validated that it is possible to reuse the 3G+ sites, towers and antennas in order to deploy a DVB-SH Mobile TV broadcast network in the frequency bands adjacent to UMTS (i.e. in the S band at 2.2 GHz, currently available all over Europe).

Furthermore, the companies say that tests performed in the city of Pau (South-West of France), both outdoors and inside buildings, validated several fundamental assumptions on the performances of a DVB-SH network, notably the coverage, continuity and quality of service. In particular, the tests confirmed that it only requires that portions of the 3G+ sites are equipped with DVB-SH repeaters to allow Mobile TV coverage inside buildings identical to the 3G+ coverage. This validates the economical efficiency of the deployment of a DVB-SH terrestrial network for Mobile TV broadcast with a very high coverage quality.

In addition, tests related to the satellite part of a hybrid DVB-SH network were performed using a helicopter as a fixed point at high altitude, thus emulating a geostationary satellite. These tests confirmed that, for the user of a mobile terminal in a pedestrian as well as a vehicular situation, the signals coming from the satellite perfectly combined with those coming from the terrestrial repeaters, in a transparent manner for the terminal.

During a field visit in Pau, the results of these tests were presented by Alcatel-Lucent and SFR to key Mobile TV players in France, to the media, to the local and national authorities, and to the industrial partners of this solution. In the framework of this visit, six channels were broadcast live (TF1, France2, France3, CANAL+, M6 and Eurosport France). SES Astra managed the distribution of content to the terrestrial repeaters network.

The "Unlimited Mobile TV" solution based on DVB-SH is supported by the French Agency for Industrial Innovation (now integrated with OSEO).

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