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Vodafone Customer Gets £27,000 Phone Bill

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A customer who had an unlimited data tariff with Vodafone UK received a bill for over 27,000 (US$54,000) after he neglected to notice that the tariff did not include using the phone as a modem connected to his laptop computer.

Ian Simpson, a 29 year old factory worker told The Mirror newspaper "My mate told me how to wire my mobile to my laptop as a modem. It meant I could download faster than on the handset and get a proper internet connection in my flat.

"I probably downloaded 20 or 30 TV shows and four albums. I assumed it'd be OK, but they cut me off. I rang up and they said I owed them nearly 30,000.

"If I'd known it would cost so much I wouldn't have done it."

Vodafone later decided to waive the invoice and charged just 35 for the monthly tariff. The company said that their systems did not flag up the usage as unusual as he downloaded most of the content in such a short time frame that the bill had already ballooned before their system alerted them to the abnormal usage.

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