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Consumers Expect Google Will Innovate and Lower Prices in Mobile

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

As Google announces its plans to shake up the U.S. wireless industry, a new research study reveals high levels of consumer trust and support for the company to deliver the next generation of Internet and mobile phone services.

Among key highlights of the research:

  • Google sets the bar in terms of positive consumer brand impressions according to the findings: 90% have a positive impression of Google. In comparison, 66% have positive impressions of Verizon, followed by 64% for AT&T, and 47% for T-Mobile and Sprint.
  • Most Americans think Google is on the right track as a company - when asked to compare their impressions now compared to last year, 51% say Google is getting better. In comparison - and despite the halo of the iPhone - only 33% say AT&T is getting better.
  • 47% of American consumers say it would be a "good thing" if Google were to enter the wireless business in competition with brands such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. 42% are neutral (saying "neither good nor bad") and only 11% say it's bad thing. In addition, 90% believe Google will do as good (72%) or a better job (18%) than existing service providers in the market. Only 10% think it would do a worse job.
  • Consumers expect more innovation, accessibility and lower prices due to more competition.

The information comes from the 2007-Q4 edition Digital Life America, an ongoing syndicated consumer research program. 1,200 American consumers participated in the Q4 edition of the study in November 2007.

"Google is always innovating and coming up with extraordinary ideas; if they were to go wireless, we'd probably receive quality services at a lower price and be able to use newer technology." - Digital Life America Study Participant

"Google has been a pioneer in the technology world in the past couple years. They are the creators of the most used search engine, ad service, and now email. When they do things they do it right." - Digital Life America Study Participant.

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