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Australia's top five ways to accidentally damage mobile phones

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A study by Australian operator, Telstra has reported that locals are finding increasingly new and more bizarre ways to accidentally damage their mobile phones, including the most common reported cause of damage in 2007 driving off with the handset left on the car roof.

With an estimated 20 million mobile phone services now in Australia, Telstra customer service consultants are now taking an ever growing number of calls about mobile handsets damaged in unusual ways that may void their warranty.

According to Telstra customer service consultants, the five most commonly reported ways to accidentally damage a mobile phone are:

  1. Driving off with a mobile left on the car roof
  2. Damaged by water - including dropping it in the toilet and taking calls when in the rain
  3. Sitting on the handset
  4. Dropping a phone - most often on the footpath
  5. Throwing a mobile - either on a desk, in a drawer, or to a friend

"Telstra research shows that mobile phones, along with keys and wallets, are one of the items that Australians typically won't leave home without, so it's little wonder that customers are finding new ways to accidentally damage their handsets in a variety of settings," said Telstra spokesman, Peter Taylor.

"We've even heard from a customer who retrieved their Next G handset after losing it when back burning a sugar cane field. Incredibly the handset still worked, even though it was a little scorched and melted in places.

"And the popularity of leather cases for mobile phones has seen a surprisingly high number of reports of phones being gnawed by the family pooch."

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