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Multi-layer LCD's Possible for Mobile Phone Displays

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

PureDepth, a developer of multi layer display technology says that it has signed a Prototype and Evaluation agreement with Samsung Electronics, under which the Samsung LCD Business will work with PureDepth to develop and evaluate prototypes using Multi Layer Display (MLD) enabled products targeting the mobile phone and smart handheld devices markets.

"We believe that this agreement with Samsung reflects the potential of PureDepth's MLD technology, including the consumer mobile mass market," said Thomas L. Marcus, CEO of PureDepth. "We are delighted to be working with Samsung in order to evaluate the mobile market, and excited about the prospect of expanding our current relationship with Samsung with our MLD technology."

PureDepth technology is an LCD layered, multi-dimensional (using real depth between two or more LCD panels) viewing innovation that enables users to simultaneously view two separate fields of data on one monitor. By overlaying two more separate image planes within a single monitor, PureDepth technology provides true depth of vision that significantly enhances the visual experience with faster response to time-critical data and better assimilation and comprehension of data of any kind.

MLD technology brings real depth to display devices of any size, by layering multiple LCD screens on top of each other and removing interference with an interstitial component

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