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Nortel Wins CDMA450 and GSM Contracts in Belize

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Belize Telemedia says that it will expand its wireless coverage within the country, while also reaching new rural communities in Belize, by deploying kit supplied by Nortel. The Nortel kit will completely replace Belize Telemedia's current GSM infrastructure provided by a Nortel competitor, as well as deploy a new CDMA 450 MHz network.

"With these new Nortel technologies, Belize Telemedia will further enhance its reputation for quality, and support a more advanced and comprehensive range of services," said Dean Boyce, chairman of the executive committee at Belize Telemedia. "We are substantially bolstering our network and market leadership by improving the coverage, reliability, performance and capabilities of our wireless infrastructure. Also, with the implementation of the CDMA/EVDO platform, utilizing the 450 MHz frequency, we are providing voice and high-speed internet service for the more rural and remote locations in Belize, which in turn will act as a primary generator of growth for those local economies."

Belize Telemedia's network replacement and upgrade also features Nortel's all-IP product line which includes a new Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture, Mobile Switching Center (MSC) Server and Home Location Register (HLR), enabling operators to support multiple services and applications on the same platform type. The new product line also includes high-density VoIP Media Gateways.

The Mobile World estimates that Belize Telemedia ended the first half of this year with 120,000 subscribers - giving the company a market share of 66%.

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