Bermuda Customs Confiscate BlackBerry Handsets

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

It is being reported that Bermudans who leave the island on trips face having their BlackBerry's confiscated if they cannot prove that the devices were purchased before they left the country. Customs can require that owners of BlackBerrys carry a "yellow slip" proving that they are the owner of the device and that it was not purchased outside the country otherwise they face being hit with an import tax or even confiscation.

The Bermuda Chamber of Commerce reported the problem in Issue 33 of its Newsline newsletter: "The Chamber has been advised by the Bermuda Customs Department that they will confiscate any Blackberry device found on any persons reentering the country that do not have the relevant registered paperwork. M3Wireless has already had two customers experience this over the last 5 days."

The local Royal Gazette newspaper says that all electronic devices must be registered with Customs if they are arriving on the Island for the first time or have been purchased in Bermuda, otherwise the owner faces paying tax on the item each time they bring it back onto the Island. Blackberrys and mobile phones are no exception."

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