Convergence of Technologies in Mobile Phones Will Boost Entire Industry

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A new report from WTRS outlines from an "insider" point of view how many emerging wireless technologies are being integrated into mobile devices and handsets each with their own application and each enabling a unique use case. While the Apple iPhone constitutes its own class of paradigm shift many other players in the wireless arena are hard at work on pragmatic convergent devices which may be more limited or focused but which will have an enormous market among the broader population.

Devices are converging in terms of functionality and this convergence is enabling mobile communications products to cross into the consumer electronics sector both in terms of function and interoperability.

"The diverse use cases are driving technology innovation and are providing rapidly growing market opportunities across the entire width and breadth of emerging wireless technologies," according to Kirsten West, principal analyst with WTRS. "Market success will depend on rolling out the supporting infrastructure."

Key to this convergence is the specific integration of emerging wireless technologies that allows for new ways of connecting and communicating. "While we all thought that the principal factor in market success might well be 'wireless' as an end in itself, now it is becoming clear that how various wireless technologies intersect in symbiotic partnerships will be the key to future growth."

The WTRS Report identifies other conclusions as well, including:

1) In spite of the plethora of emerging wireless standards, each has its own niche of dominance without much overlap or competition between them.

2) WiMAX has found a solid niche in the backhaul network.

3) HSPA is making strong progress in handsets and represents a highly competitive service offering for carriers.

4) Bluetooth has expanded the functionality of a handset with the incorporation of WiBree into the SIG. Products based on WiBree will almost certainly enter the market this year.

5) DLNA, with its convergence strategy, has developed a mechanism for providing interoperable consumer electronics and mobile communications devices using only existing networking standards. As a result DLNA compliance affords devices added functionality not available previously. "

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