Portable Connectivity Driving Wi-Fi Chipset Market

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Portable connectivity applications are driving the global Wi Fi chipset market with shipments growing on account of big growth from the mobile PC segment the Portable Consumer Electronics segment and the dual mode handset segment reports In Stat. Although dual mode cellular Wi Fi handsets represented only 3% of total shipments in 2006 this category will be the breakout market segment in 2007 and will reach 20% of the total chipset market in 2009 the high tech market research firm says.

"Dual-mode cellular/Wi-Fi handsets are pushing hard into the market in 2007, with handset vendors Nokia and HTC really leveraging Wi-Fi as an alternative high-speed broadband connectivity option," says Gemma Tedesco, In-Stat analyst. "Wi-Fi for voice is expected to pick up this year, with T-Mobile?s nationwide FMC roll-out in the US."

Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

  • In 2006, 213 million Wi-Fi chipsets shipped out worldwide, representing a 32% growth rate over 2005 shipments.
  • A notable market sub-segment to watch in 2007 is the portable media player market, with Microsoft?s Zune ramping up, and a Wi-Fi-enabled Apple iPod scheduled to hit shelves in the second half of 2007.
  • Although 802.11n is expected to provide for +100Mbps, In-Stat expects Wi-Fi uptake in device categories such as DTVs and set-top boxes to be very slow.

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