Wataniya Sponsors Kilimanjaro Climb

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The Wataniya Telecom flag has flowing atop Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro after the company sponsored a climb up Africa's tallest mountain. Led by Arabian Mountaineering and Alpine Club (AMAC) Director Zed Al Refai the Kuwaiti national who is the Arab's world first mountaineer to summit Mount Everest the eight day expedition brought together a team of three other Kuwaitis one Lebanese a Pakistani and a Singaporean.

Al Refai expressed his gratitude to Wataniya Telecom for sponsoring the trip. "I want to share my sincere appreciation towards Wataniya Telecom initiative which greatly helped in spreading the name of mountain climbing to Kuwaitis and to the Arab world. With the generous contribution and moral support of reputable national establishments such as Wataniya, we are fortunate to be spreading such extreme sports in the region and encouraging young athletes to pave their sportive careers".

Not only did this trip result in spreading awareness of mountain climbing in the region, but also lead some record-breaking achievements - in particular, leading the first Lebanese and Pakistani nationals to the roof of Africa.

Vodacom Tanzania operates a base station on the summit of the mountain. This is the highest GSM base station in the world, at 5,895 meters above sea level.

Other notable high altitude GSM base stations can be found at La Paz, Bolivia, the highest capital in the world at 4,100 meters and Syangboche, Nepal which is an Everest base camp, at 3,874 meters. An attempt to enable a China based GSM base station to be visible from the summit of Mount Everest is currently underway. "

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