Putting a GPS Chip Inside a SIM Card

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Start up company BlueSky Positioning says that it has managed to fit a GPS receiver and proprietary antenna inside a SIM card. This would enable network operators to launch location based services without either relying on network intensive cell positioning or requiring customers to upgrade to a GPS capable handset.

BlueSky Positioning has developed patent-pending technology and processes to embed Assisted Global Positioning System (A-GPS) capability in the SIM card (USIM in the case of 3G handsets), with minimal impact on signal strength and battery life. BlueSky Positioning's A-GPS SIM uses an assistance data server in the mobile network to reduce the location identification time (Time To First Fix) and increase accuracy, particularly within buildings and densely populated areas.

Risto Savolainen, BlueSky Positioning CEO, said "The LBS market has promised much and delivered little. This strengthened EU legislation to enhance public safety services will also catalyse the LBS market by putting the means of access into the hands of every user. Working with SIM card manufacturers, BlueSky Positioning enables mobile operators to embed the service in every consumer's SIM and USIM card, without compromising the existing levels of card security and privacy protection."

The company is pitching its product as a cheaper way for operators to comply with legislation which will shortly require all emergency calls within the EU to be locatable."

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