Solar Powered Bikini Which Recharges Mobile Phones

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A concept idea has been developed by American designer Andrew Schneider to cover bikini in solar cells and provide it with a socket for recharging a mobile phone while you sunbathe. The iDrink's photovoltaic film panels allow a fashionable fit while supplying the 6.5 volts 1.5 Amps needed to power a peltier junction and recharge a mobile phone.

Schneider says that schemed up and thrown-away as an idea in the same 5 minutes, this project is the straight-forward iteration of an idea about harnessing alternative power in interesting ways. It was originally submitted as a final project in Tom Igoe's Sustainable Practices class.

"The specific suit being built is a bikini. I decided to go with a female suit because of the sleeker form. The demographic I can foresee actually becoming interested in such a thing are those who enjoy mobile culture, hanging out, music, and kitsch. A demographic not unlike that to which the Apple corporation seems to preach."

The suit is worn like a regular bathing suit. Wear it to the beach, find a nice spot in the sun, get out your iPod and plug in to the retractable female USB connection sprouting discreetly from the hip. As soon as your phone is all charged up, cool that frosty beverage that's been warming in your bag by plugging in the beverage cooler (peltier junction) to the same USB connection."

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