Which Carrier Is Winning the War On Fewest Dropped Calls?

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

With all major wireless carriers claiming to offer the fewest dropped calls wireless management services provider mindWireless used its database of call data to research the facts of the claims. Using a sample of more than 80 million calls placed and received between January 1 2006 and June 30 2006 mindWireless found Sprint followed by Cingular's legacy AT T Wireless to have the fewest number of dropped calls nearly 50 percent behind Verizon the carrier claiming the best most reliable network.

Geographic location, topography and population size are all variables in the performance of a wireless network. An independent services provider with no carrier alliances, mindWireless defined a dropped or "duplicate call" as a call from a cellular device to another wireless device or landline placed within two minutes of a prior call to the same destination, with no call between. Additionally, calls to self (voicemail) & Nextel push-to-talk calls were excluded.

Duplicate Call Statistics January 2006 - June 2006

Cingular - (legacy AT&T)5.7%5.7%5.4%5.5%6.9%5.2%5.5%
Cingular - (legacy Cingular)11.3%10.1%11.6%9.2%8.5%12.7%15.8%

"We are constantly bombarded with advertising from wireless carriers claiming to offer the fewest dropped calls making it hard to decipher the truth," said David Wise, managing director of mindWireless.

"There was a perfect example of this on a one-mile stretch of Houston highway - where three carrier billboards claimed the fewest dropped calls, one qualified their claim to calls in Houston. Because we manage over 130,000 wireless lines for our clients, with access to detailed call data, we have a very accurate view into actual calling patterns - and the results surprised us. "

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