KPN's Base Launches Aldi Talk In Belgium

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AMSTERDAM (Dow Jones) Royal KPN's Belgian subsidiary Base said in a press release on Wednesday that as of Wednesday 21 February Aldi Talk will become available on the Belgian market.

The prepaid mobile offer of MEDIONmobile is distributed in all the ALDI stores in Belgium. The service is made available by using the BASE network.

BASE offers its expertise and network to ALDI TALK by MEDIONmobile. MEDIONmobile is the interface to ALDI and responsible for Design, Marketing, Logistics and Customer Service.

ALDI TALK is a prepaid call credit that allows the ALDI TALK customers to call each other for 9 cent/minute. The offer has no subscription charges or a contract. Any new customer can switch to ALDI TALK and keep his current mobile number. Calls to other networks are charged 19 cents/minute.

Base said calls abroad are also very competitive. To reach most of the European countries, it only costs 49 cents/minute. The customer pays per second after the first minute.

Text messages are charged 9 cent from ALDI TALK to ALDI TALK and 19 cent to any other network.

In accordance with its strategy that aims to offer excellent quality food and non-food products at unbeatable prices, ALDI wants to provide to its customers by MEDIONmobile a low price mobile service too without hidden costs and a simple product.

After the success encountered in Germany and with 75% of the Belgian households shopping at ALDI, it was decided to extend the offer in Belgium with an exclusive proposal. The price of 9 cent is the best price that the Belgian customer can find on the market.

The easy and cheap way to acquire MEDIONmobile SIM will enhance the community effect to encourage family and friends to become ALDI TALK.

A customer who wants to become ALDI TALK, can buy a starter's kit for the price of 14,99 EUR in one of the ALDI stores in Belgium. This kit contains the SIM card MEDIONmobile, a call credit of 10 EUR and all the detailed information to become an ALDI TALK customer and to be able to make calls and send text messages.

Each new customer can use the ALDI TALK number on the MEDIONmobile SIM card in the starter's kit or decide to keep his existing mobile number, free of charge. In that case this can be done by sending a letter or a fax. By making a first call in Belgium with the ALDI TALK card, the SIM card and mobile phone will become operational.

The reload amounts are 10 and 20 EUR, which can be used within 12 months. The top up cards are available in all the 420 ALDI stores in Belgium.

Various services are free of charge: consult your balance via cell phone in Belgium or via text message in Belgium and abroad, reload by cell phone in Belgium or by text message in Belgium or abroad, consult the voice mail in Belgium, etc.

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