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An increasing number of workers are 'going mobile' according to new research by leading handset manufacturer Sony Ericsson. The research shows that over half of working adults in the UK (53 per cent) work on the move with 13 per cent doing it on a daily basis.

The independent survey, carried out by YouGov and Coleman-Parkes, revealed that this is a fast-growing trend, with almost half of UK employees surveyed saying they have seen the amount they work on the move increase in the last year.

A key driver for this increase is that employees are now able to perform a wider variety of tasks away from the office. Mobile devices in particular are becoming more sophisticated. Almost half of respondents (49%) access the Internet via a mobile device, with a further 22 per cent saying they would like to have access to this tool when working remotely. 22 per cent of those sampled also said they are able to work on company documents and emails outside the office.

82 per cent of medium and large UK companies say they are prepared to invest in mobile devices for employees - if they are not already doing so. Businesses see mobile working as a tool to improve efficiency, increase productivity and keep staff motivated.

However, companies still have some way to go to achieve this - as half of workers feel that their employer discourages mobile working. Indeed, employers are finding it difficult to keep pace with demand with 51 per cent saying they are often approached by employees to provide the latest electronic devices, but frequently cannot see enough tangible benefits to justify costs. Furthermore, 8 out of 10 medium and large UK companies still have data and security concerns about mobile working, particularly with regards to providing access to company files.

Despite this, 90 per cent of companies maintain ownership of mobile devices as they see the use of privately-owned equipment as less secure. 98 per cent of companies with mobile workers provide these staff with mobile phones, 91 per cent provide them with laptops and 74 per cent provide them with a BlackBerry or equivalent.

"We have seen an increase in mobile working over the last few years, which shows no sign of stopping," says John Harber, UK Managing Director, Sony Ericsson. "Companies see it as an important tool to improve efficiency and as our research shows, they are willing to invest, providing there are tangible benefits, good security and the devices are company owned."

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