Brits Fear Mobile Phone Ringing Shame

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4 out of 5 Brits fear criticism of their mobile ringtone. The latest chart topping hit a childhood cartoon show or the theme tune to a Hollywood blockbuster Mobile phone users are in a quandary about choosing their ringtone after new research from Dial a Phone indicates 97% of Brits judge personality based on choice.

On average, Brits change their ringtone 3.4 times a year, spending an average 37.5 minutes on making their decision.

According to Brits (aged 18 - 34) the choice made reveals the personality of the owner. The survey asked people to match a ringtone with a personality trait. Wondering what your mobile ringtone says about you? Then check out the following:

Top 10 hit
Moves with times but could be a fashion victim who tries too hard to be cool

Classic Hit
A laid back thirty something attempting to make a statement with a personal favourite

Hollywood Blockbuster
A real movie buff, but perhaps watches one too many films!

Current TV show
Fun personality - but has too much time on their hands

Retro TV show
Creative individual with a love for pop culture - however can appear a little nerdy

Children's theme tune
Game for a laugh, up for having a good time - though has a tendency to annoy people

Sport theme tune
Armchair sportsperson who enjoys a laugh with the lads/girls also a tad unimaginative

Tasteful and educated, yet probably on the old side

Made for ringtone (crazy frog etc)
Totally unacceptable - most likely a Chav

Mobile setting (original ringtone)
Not trying to impress, probably got better things to do than constantly changing their ringtone

Ring Ring
Uber cool, no need to impress though some view as boring - shows a lack of confidence and creativity

Vibrate setting
An Introvert not wanting to be noticed or a businessman not wanting to be rude

A massive 90% of Brits have been criticised by friends and family for their choice of ringtones. Embarrassed users can often be seen frantically trying to answer a call as people all around them stare in disbelief at the poor choice of ring. However, 42% of those questioned said they had been criticised for not choosing a personalised melody and instead opting for the old fashioned 'ring-ring'.

67% of those questioned believe that we are judged by our ringtone, with 34% believing that someone without a cool ringtone possesses no style.

10% of phone users change their ringtone once a week, to make sure they always have the coolest tone on the market, with 44% confessing to a ringtone faux pas in the past!

Dial-a-Phone, body language expert Flic Everett comments: "There's no question that we have become obsessed with ringtones, they have become fashion accessories, so much like the clothes we wear, we are judged by what ringtone we chose.

"There's no easy guide to picking the right tone - those who regularly download the latest chart songs for their ringtones are often seen as fashionable but can also be judged as desperate to impress. Retro ringtones may say quirky however, just like novelty ties and socks, cartoon ringtones show that this type of person considers himself or herself a bit of comedian; in reality they can become slightly annoying.

"Some people play it safe and opt for the old fashioned ring ring - this can be perceived as boring and unimaginative. I disagree, these people are quietly confident, they don't feel the need to impress others with a fancy ringtone, and they've probably got bigger and better things to worry about!

A spokesperson from Dial-a-Phone comments: "What a dilemma! Is it best to download a modern real tone song from the charts, try to appear retro by selecting a classic TV theme tune, or alternatively go uber cool and shun ring tones altogether yet live with the fear of being labelled boring?

"Ringtones are a cheap and fun way to personalise your mobile phone, I am shocked that so many people get stressed about it - choose something you like and don't be ashamed to let it ring!"

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