Number of CDMA-800 Users in Ukraine Up 76% in 2006

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

KIEV Jan 19 (Prime Tass) The number of subscribers to CDMA 800 services in Ukraine increased 76% in 2006 to 204 000 users as of January 1 according to data provided by CDMA 800 operators obtained by Prime Tass Friday.

Velton Telecom was the largest CDMA-800 operator with 95,000 users as of January 1.

As of January 1, CDMA-800 services were provided by four operators: Velton Telecom, International Telecommunication Company (ITC), Intertelecom and CST-Invest. All four operators provided fixed-line services using the technology, while only Intertelecom and CST-Invest had licenses to provide CDMA-800 mobile services in some Ukrainian regions.

Ukrainian Telesystems, which will be the fifth CDMA-800 operator in Ukraine, is expected to launch its network into commercial operation in February.


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