22 European Market Penetration Above 100%

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Lithuania and Luxembourg remain at the top of the penetration league table at the end of Q3 2006 both markets now over 150% penetrated. Italy remains third with a ratio of mobile connections to population of 131.6% whilst Greece and Estonia remain fourth and fifth respectively unchanged from Q2 2006.

No fewer than 17 other markets in Europe had penetration rates in excess of 100% at the end of September, with Denmark, Bulgaria and Montenegro having joined the club in the quarter - albeit that this last country may only be a temporary member due to pronounced seasonal effects.

A further ten markets are between 90% and 100% penetrated, and another eight ended Q3 2006 with mobile ownership rates also in the fourth quartile - that is, between 75% and 90%. At the bottom of the league table there are another ten markets, with penetration rates ranging from Kosovo's 25% to Serbia's 74.8%.

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