SMS Anti-Spam Platform Launched

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Airwide Solutions has launched an anti spam platform for SMS messages. The company says that according to recent studies more than eight in 10 mobile phone users have received unsolicited SMS messages and are more likely to change their operator than their mobile number to fight the problem.

The service defends against a wide variety of abuses, including, they say - over-the-air (OTA) messages that reprogram handsets to use premium rate numbers.

How it works

AirGuard AntiSpam analyzes and monitors all messaging traffic in the network regardless of its point of origin. It protects against attacks originating from inside or outside the operator's own home network.

Unlike competitive systems that just employ spam filtering, AirGuard AntiSpam combines spam filtering with anti-fraud techniques so the ability to spam for free is removed, and the ability to reach victims is reduced.

The application also provides protection against fake and spoof fraud as defined in the GSM Association's IR.70 SMS SS7 Fraud specification.

AirGuard AntiSpam also closes down bypass techniques that enable content providers to deliver premium-priced messages directly to the subscriber, denying the mobile operator the opportunity to collect revenue from messages sent to their subscribers."

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