130% Increase in HSDPA Device Launches in 6 Months

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The latest in a series of regular surveys published by GSA the Global mobile Suppliers Association reports that 58 HSDPA enabled devices have now been launched by 18 suppliers. It means that the number of HSDPA products entering the market has increased 130% in 6 months. The survey also confirms that the majority of devices are handsets (26 models) ahead of PC cards embedded modules (24) USB HSDPA modems (4) and wireless routers (4).

Sixteen HSDPA devices are capable of operation at 850 MHz, in support of major 850 MHz HSDPA network deployments in Australia and North America, and potentially in many more markets throughout the Americas, Asia and elsewhere.

Forty-seven HSDPA devices (i.e. 81%, and representing an increase of 28 models in 6 months) also support GSM/EDGE.

The survey total of 58 devices excludes a rapidly increasing number of notebooks, laptops and tablet PCs with embedded wireless wide area networking (WWAN) capability for HSDPA broadband access. The survey notes 16 PC products from 8 PC manufacturers, which have been launched mostly in partnership with mobile network operators.

A recent related survey by GSA stated that the number of HSDPA networks planned, in deployment or launched has reached 120 in 55 countries, of which 58 are providing commercial services in 37 countries today. GSA forecasts that the number of commercial HSDPA networks world-wide will reach 85 by end 2006."

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