Sprint Accelerates EV-DO Revision A Upgrade

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The USA based CDMA operator Sprint says that it is ahead of plan for the expansion and evolution of its Sprint Power Vision network. Under the accelerated schedule Sprint plans to begin its roll out of the upgraded technology known as EV DO Revision A during 4Q 2006 with coverage expected to reach more than 40 million people by year end. With the evolution to EV DO Revision A users in markets where it is rolled out will experience faster average download speeds of 450 800 kbps and average upload speeds of 300 400 kbps.

Overall, Sprint plans to reach more than 200 million people in the U.S. with mobile broadband data services (both EV-DO Revisions 0 and A) in 220 major metropolitan areas and 908 airports across the country with its Power Vision network by the end of 2006. By 3Q 2007, Sprint's Power Vision network will be completely upgraded to the faster EV-DO Revision A.

"Sprint's mobile broadband leadership is demonstrated by our success in rolling out the largest network, providing the latest devices and the widest array of mobile entertainment and business content," said Len Lauer, Sprint's chief operating officer. "By accelerating our EV-DO Revision A deployment, we are expanding the number of ways our customers can use the service to make their digital life simple, instant and productive."

Last week Sprint successfully completed the first EV-DO Revision A data connection over the Sprint Power Vision network in San Diego, CA.

"We have taken this technology out of the laboratory and are currently integrating it into our network," said Kathy Walker, chief network officer at Sprint. "We are really pleased with the results and excited about rolling it out to our customers."

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