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Almost one percent of T Mobile customers in Czech Republic want to make acquaintances via the t zones WAP portal. One customer in three thousand uses a mobile phone to search for the nearest erotic club three to four times a month. Nearly one percent of customers monthly use the "virtual" erotic services at t zones. Popular services also include SMS services such as erotic jokes and Kama Sutra tips as well as MMS erotic channels with pictures.

"Erotic themes rank among the most demanded on the internet, and modern mobile handsets with big colour displays and EDGE support have radically raised the interest. The greatest boom can be seen in erotic videos," says Michal Nemec, Vice President Mobile Portal and Content Services at T-Mobile.

The survey has also showed that one third of the customers using MMS Info with erotic themes are regular subscribers to the service. The most popular MMS channel is Kama Sutra, followed by erotic stars and lesbian love images. At the end of the unchanging spectrum are erotic stories. At t-zones, visitors clearly prefer traditional soft erotic topics such as blondes, brunettes and lesbians. The most popular Downloads are the Penthouse magazine content and erotic stars. Rather surprisingly (according to T-Mobile. cellular-news has no opinion on this!), animated erotic pictures placed third, surpassing the popularity of blondes and brunettes.

Erotic competitions at t-zones are also very popular, with the summer competition taking the lead - T-Mobile said that last year, it attracted about twenty thousand visitors."

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