Patents That Kill Background Noise on Phone Calls

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

TechnoConcepts says that it has filed two provisional patent applications with the US Patent Office for new inventions which virtually eliminate background noise in cellular and other communications devices while vividly improving the voice clarity. The Company currently has two issued U.S. patents relating to its True Software Radio technology and now has a total of seventeen pending patents including provisional and foreign filings.

These inventions are designed to make it possible for a cell phone user to be in an area with very loud background noise, yet to be heard clearly by the listener. The cell phone user will also be able to hear more clearly because the background noise is also eliminated in the caller's phone.

"Everyone is fully aware of the difficulty in hearing cell calls clearly when they are in a noisy environment such as a sporting event. These patent-pending inventions are additional technological advancements in the Company's product portfolio. This cost-effective noise suppression technology can be readily integrated into commercial, industrial and military applications, including all 1.2 billion handsets expected by industry analysts to be sold in 2007. We believe that clear audio is needed by cell phone users and therefore this technology will be in high demand," said Antonio Turgeon, chairman and CEO of TechnoConcepts.

TechnoConcepts anticipates that the technology will be available for direct incorporation into cell phones by 2007, both as a stand-alone ASIC chip and as core technology to be integrated in a device's digital signal processing chip."

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