39 Hours - The World Record for the Longest Phone Conversation

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

On November 1 at 11 15 a.m. Sandra Kobel (28) from Berne and Stephan Hafner (29) from Wettingen embarked on the first ever world record attempt at the longest phone conversation over the Internet. Both participants demonstrated their enormous communicative talents After a very short time they managed to turn the marathon phone session into an entertaining and motivating event for the general public. Thousands of people supported them.

During the night of November 3, after a record time of 39 hours, 18 minutes and 24 seconds using sunrise webphone, the two new world record holders Sandra Kobel and Stephan Hafner left the sunrise cubes in Zurich and Berne railway stations. Exhausted but happy, they had just one wish: sleep. They'd earned a good rest - and universal respect. "I would never have believed that it would be so difficult to fight tiredness. Suddenly I had a totally different awareness of my surroundings and my body," explained Stephan Hafner after completing the phone marathon.

General public provides one-of-a-kind support

His co-participant Sandra Kobel was amazed at the non-stop public support and sympathy. "My fan club really made an enormous effort and kept giving me new ideas to inspire me." For example, fans set up mailboxes outside the cubes, and a courier service between the two locations developed. People traveling from Zurich to Berne brought something along for Sandra Kobel - and vice versa - so she received a box of the Zurich specialty known as Luxemburgerli, for example, and Stephan Hafner was given treats and cakes from a Bernese bakery.

The public were able to follow the world-record bid live via video streaming at www.sunrise-webphone.ch - and they did so with great interest. On the second day there were 10,000 visitors to the website. Day and night, up to 650 users were online at any one time. The streaming volume of 500 gigabytes over the 39 hours is equally impressive, a result that far exceeded expectations.

Up close and personal with Sandra and Stephan in the cubes

The participants were also constantly supplied with ideas for conversation topics, with over 3,000 suggestions received via the chat facility. But there was also great interest at each location. Both participants kept the public involved by allocating tasks and inviting people to visit them in the cubes."

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