Cellphones Get Broken by Tight Jeans.

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Siemens in Sweden asked themselves "What are the most common cellphone accidents" 300 swedish retailers participated in the survey by listing the most common reasons for end user accidents.

To squeeze the handset in tight jeans, using the cellphone in heavy rain or throwing it on the ground in rage were some of the most common "stories/excuses for accidents". "We notice that people use their cellphones directly after coming out from the shower or a gym session, even out in the rain", says Magnus Svensson, After Sales Manager at The Phonehouse Sweden.

Ulf Sandberg Marketing Director at the Swedish company Krusell International adds ; "Professional retailers around the world are very aware of the "situations" that users seem to run into. Highlighting the money and the trouble users can save themselves by using a case, the retailers will not only benefit from added sales but also customer satisfaction, which will create loyality to their stores ."

According to the survey, the most common reason for a phone to break is that you simply drop it on the floor.

It might be surprising to hear that people have thrown their unit on the ground in rage, this is of course alarming, but obviously not uncommon says Titti Hagenfeldt, Marketing Manager at Siemens.

The most common reasons for "Mobile accidents" according to 300 Swedish retailers.

  1. Dropped the mobile on the ground.
  2. Squeezed the cellphone in tight jeans/pockets.
  3. Used the handset in the rain.
  4. Throw the device on the ground in rage.
  5. The dog/child got hold of the mobile.
  6. Dropped the cellphone in the toilette.
  7. Dropped the handset into the sea.
  8. Forgot the cellphone on the roof of the car.
  9. Perspiration on the mobile during workout.
  10. Dropped the handset in the snow.

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