Add a Fake Background Sound to Your Calls

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Did you ever wish you could hide your location when talking on the phone Ever wanted to give the impression you were somewhere else SounderCover from Simeda is a new Nokia Series 60 application that adds a background sound to any incoming or outgoing call giving the impression that the user is really in the environment where the background sound is normally heard.

Did you wake up late for work and you want your boss to think you're caught in traffic? Select the Traffic Jam background and give him a call from your bedroom :). He will hear your voice on top of this (click to listen).

Is one of your mates a chronic talker that just doesn't know when to stop? Use the Phone Ring 15s background and your friend will hear a phone ring 6 times, 15 seconds into the call. Tell him that your other phone is ringing and that you have to go.

Pretend you're at the dentist, in the park, on the street, caught in a thunderstorm, near heavy machinery or at a circus parade. You can even use your own prerecorded sounds or sounds downloaded from the Internet.

You can assign background sounds to anyone in your list of Contacts or simply pick a sound when they call or when you call them. If the contact has an associated sound, it will show up as the default (but you can always change your mind and pick some other background).

The demo version is limited to 9 demo backgrounds and the sounds will not loop (they are only played once during the call, then they stop). In the full version, background sounds are played in an infinite loop (to give the impression of continuous sound) and you can use any AMR file on your phone as the background."

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