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Smartphone Sales Surpassed One Billion Units in 2014
In Fourth Quarter of 2014 Samsung Lost No. 1 Position to Apple in Global Smartphone Market

Apple & Samsung No Longer Control Majority of Tablet Market
Market share for top two tablet vendors Apple and Samsung fell to 43 percent as total shipment volume growth slowed to 6.6 percent in 2014.

Samsung loses top Spot to India's Micromax in its Home Market
Micromax has remarkably ousted Samsung to become the first domestic vendor to take the top spot in the Indian smart phone market, the third largest in the world.

Global smart phone shipments exceed 300 million in a quarter for the first time
There is increasingly strong competition between vendors fighting for the global smartphone number three spot, behind Samsung and Apple, according to Canalys.

Samsung Shows Off Metal Edged Smartphone
Samsung has shown off a metal edged phone that looks a lot like Apple's iPhone, in a move that wont do much to quell complaints that Samsung copies Apple designs.

Chinese Vendors Outpace the Market as Smartphone Shipments Grow 23% in Q2
Despite a challenging quarter for Samsung, and to a lesser extent Apple, the strong market demand boosted results for most smartphone vendors.

Apple and Samsung Represent 68% of Smartphones Owned in the USA
As more US consumers migrate to smartphones, they are increasingly opting for iPhones and Samsung Android phones.


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