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Motorola Letting Consumers Test Drive its Moto X Smartphone
Motorola seems increasingly desperate to encourage customers to at least try one of its phones before dismissing them -- as it is offering a try-before-you-buy offer.

Motorola Mobility Deploying Android OS Upgrades
Motorola Mobility has announced that it is starting to deploy an OS upgrade for its Moto smartphone users.

Motorola Mobility to Close its Texas Smartphone Factory
Motorola Mobility made a huge splash about its plans to bring smartphone manufacturing home to the USA from overseas factories, but has changed its mind and is closing its US factory.

Motorola Shows Off Low-Cost Smartphone
Motorola has launched a new smartphone -- that it announced in a fluff-laden blog post -- is targeted at the lower end of the market.

Motorola to Announce New Smartphone on 13th May
Motorola Mobility has sent out invites to a dual-launch press event in two countries that is expected to announce a new phone,

Motorola Preparing to Launch Upgrade for Moto X Smartphone
Motorola appears to be preparing to launch an upgrade for its Moto X smartphone, which could be the last major launch before its is swallowed up by China's Lenovo.

Motorola Smartphone Sales Surge in the UK
The latest smartphone sales data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, for the three months to February 2014, shows a resurgent Motorola climbing from almost nothing to 6% of British sales in just six months.


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