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Apple, Samsung and HTC Dominate Australian Smartphone Market
With the number of Australians (14+) with a smartphone fast approaching 12 million, Apple, Samsung and HTC now together comprise over 80% of the market,

T-Mobile CEO Shows Off Gold Plated HTC Phone
Taiwan's HTC may release phones that get good reviews, but it struggles to persuade customers to buy them. However, it can't be criticized for a lack of marketing skills.

New Mid-Range Smartphone from HTC Due Shortly
Fresh from showing off its new flagship model, HTC is said to be working on a mid-range addition to its Desire range, although the new handset is expected to be targetted at the Chinese market.

HTC Shows Off New Smartphone with Depth Sensor Camera Effects
HTC has shown off its latest flagship smartphone, the HTC One (M8), which features a larger screen and louder speakers than its predecessor.

HTC Shows Off Budget Smartphone
HTC has shown off a budget smartphone that still packs a quad-core processor, although running at just 1.3Ghz speeds.

HTC Preparing a Revamp of its Flagship Smartphone
HTC is expected to show off a new version of its HTC One flagship smartphone later this month -- possibly with a new metal chassis.

HTC Offering Free Replacements for Damaged Smartphone Screens
Struggling smartphone manufacturer, HTC thinks that a free replacement screen if one breaks will help boost its sales in the USA.


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