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BlackBerry to Terminate Agreement with T-Mobile USA
BlackBerry, which currently needs all the customers it can get has announced that it will not renew an agreement with T-Mobile in the USA to resell its mobile phones.

Google Targeting Corporate Users with Next Android OS Upgrade
Google is said to be working improving how the Android OS appeals to corporate users as it targets the growing BYOD market, and the BlackBerry userbase.

USA President Obama May Ditch His BlackBerry Smartphone
USA President Barack Obama's long standing use of a BlackBerry smartphone may be coming to an end, as the White House tests phones from other manufacturers for security compliance.

Microsoft Overtakes BlackBerry in US Smartphone Sales
Microsoft has overtaken BlackBerry in the US smartphone market, although both are far behind the market leaders, Android and Apple.

Majority of BlackBerry Trade-Ins at T-Mobile Switch to Apple iPhone
T-Mobile USA's controversial offer to BlackBerry customers to trade their phones in for an Apple iPhone appears to have worked for the mobile network.