Latest Telecoms News about Swaziland

MTN Swaziland offers mobile financial services with Ericsson

  Ericsson says that MTN Swaziland has deployed Ericsson Converged Wallet, enabling the operator to quickly introduce new mobile financial services....

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Satff Suspended at Swazi MTN in PrePay Airtime Fraud Probe

  Swaziland's sole mobile network operator, Swazi MTN has suspended three employees following allegations of possible airtime fraud covering the sale of prepay vouchers....

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Swaziland's SPTC Shuts Down Remaining Wireless Network

  After years of legal disputes, the Swaziland Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (SPTC) has finally shut-down its wireless network. ...

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Swaziland Creates an Independent Telecoms Regulator

  Swaziland's state-owned monopoly landline network, SPTC has been stripped of its regulatory role as the company continues to fight with the sole mobile network MTN over its own attempts to launch a mobile service....

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Swaziland's SPTC to Relaunch Modified Version of Wireless Service

  Swaziland's monopoly landline operator, the SPTC says that it will switch on a fixed wireless service within the next few weeks....

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Swaziland's SPTC Starts Shutting Down Wireless Services

  The Swaziland landline operator, SPTC has started shutting down its fixed wireless services after losing a legal battle with the country's monopoly mobile network, MTN over the service....

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South African Bank Offers Mobile Money Transfers to Neighbouring Countries

  South Africa's First National Bank (FNB) is launching cross border payments to Swaziland and Lesotho via a cellphone using its Pay2Cell service....

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Swazi MTN Seeking Compensation for Breach of Wireless Monopoly

  MTN's Swaziland subsidiary is seeking US$100 million in compensation from the state-owned telco, SPTC stemming from a dispute over MTN's monopoly on mobile services....

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Swazi MTN Says Not Opposed to SPTC Launching a Mobile Network

  Although the two companies have been in a lengthy dispute, MTN has now said that it is not opposed to Swaziland Post and Telecommunication Corporation (SPTC) launching its own mobile service....

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Swaziland's SPTC Shuts Down its Mobile Network

  On the eve of international arbitration, Swaziland's state-owned telco, SPTC has shut-down its mobile network after seemingly accepting that the service breached an agreement signed with MTN to be the monopoly provider of mobile services....

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