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Could mobile phone data help bring electricity to the developing world?

  In a recent study, a team of researchers used anonymized cell phone data to assess the feasibility of various electrification options for rural communities in Senegal. ...

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Senegal's Networks Deploying Test LTE Networks

  All three of Senegal's mobile networks are expected to have deployed LTE networks within the next few weeks, although initially just a test platforms....

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Orange Mobile Money Service to be Offered in Total Petrol Stations

  Orange and Total have signed a partnership giving Orange customers' access to Orange Money services at all Total service stations in African and Middle-Eastern countries where the two groups are present and Orange Money is available, ...

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Orange Expands Mobile Money Service to Support International Remittances

  Orange is launching an international money transfer service that will allow transfers between Mali, Senegal and Cote d'Ivoire....

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Senegal Planning Fourth Mobile License Tender

  Senegal could get a fourth mobile network operator after the country's President, Macky Sall ordered the Council of Ministers to take the necessary steps towards awarding a license....

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Millicom Settles License Dispute in Senegal

  In a brief statement, Millicom International Cellular says that it has finalized an agreement announced back in August to settle its mobile license dispute with the government of Senegal....

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Millicom Settles Senegal License Dispute

  Millicom International Cellular says that it has settled its mobile license dispute with the government of Senegal. ...

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Senegal's Mobile Services Penetration to Catapult to 93% by 2016

  With a mobile services penetration rate of 65% at year-end 2010 that is expected to catapult to 93% by 2016, Senegal is one of the more advanced mobile markets in West Africa, with plenty of room for growth,...

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Cell Phone Text Technology Helps Promote Health in Senegal

  A pilot project in rural Senegal uses text messaging to remind women of upcoming doctor's appointments and local health meetings....

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Globalcom Granted Senegal's 4th Mobile Network License

  Nigeria's Globalcom (Glo Mobile) is reported to have been granted a mobile operators license in Senegal. ...

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