Latest Telecoms News about Samoa

Digicel Group to Buy its Pacific Sister Company

  Pan-Caribbean mobile network operator, Digicel Group (DGL) has announced that it is to buy Digicel Pacific Limited ("DPL"), a sister company that operates in 6 markets in the South Pacific for approximately US$825 million....

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Telecoms San Frontiers Sends Relief Team to the Samoa Islands

  The telecoms disaster relief charity, Telecoms San Frontiers (TSF) has deployed a team of staff to the Samoa Islands following the earthquake and tsunami that hit the region a couple of days ago....

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Telsasoft Wins Call Detail Monitoring Software Tools

  Telsasoft announced that US based Panhandle Telecommunication Systems (PTCI) has deployed its CDMA, EVDO and Call Detail Record performance monitoring tools for their wireless network...

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