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Ericsson and Rwandan Government collaborate on financial inclusion

  Ericsson and Rwanda have signed an agreement for the launch of a national interoperability switch based on the Ericsson M-Commerce Interconnect solution....

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Mobile phone data 'predicts' wealth and poverty in Rwanda

  A person's history of phone communication can be used to infer aspects of his or her socioeconomic status, a new study suggests....

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MTN Rwandacell to be Listed on Local Stock Exchange

  A 20 percent stake in MTN Rwandacell is to be listed on the local stock exchange, its private owner has announced....

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Rwanda and GSMA Collaborate to Accelerate Economic Growth Through Mobile Broadband

  The Rwandan Ministry of Youth and ICT and the GSMA have announced an agreement to undertake a series of initiatives to increase citizens' access to mobile broadband technologies across the country....

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Nokia Networks Wins Rwandan LTE Rollout Contract

  Nokia Networks says that it has won a contract for an LTE network rollout in Rwanda....

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Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda And South Sudan Agree to Slash Roaming Charges

  Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda And South Sudan have agreed on a regional telecommunications framework to establish a \"One-Network-Area\" by the end of his year....

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Rwanda's Airtel Outlines Network Upgrade Plans

  Rwanda's Airtel has outlined plans to invest around US$30 million in network upgrades this year....

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Rwanda Looking to Raise Tax on Telecoms Services

  The Rwandan government has proposed raising the tax on telecoms services, although it says the effect would be minimal on consumers....

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MTN Sells Tower Assets in Rwanda and Zambia

  Pan-African tower operator, IHS Holding has bought 1,269 network towers from MTN's operations in Rwanda and Zambia representing the entirety of MTN's towers in those two countries....

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Millicom Opens Tech Incubator in Rwanda

  Millicom has announced the creation of a tech incubator in Rwanda to develop new digital solutions....

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