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Ericsson selected as managed services partner for Orange in 5 countries

  Ericsson says that it has been selected by Orange as the reference provider of managed services....

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ZTE Wins Romanian LTE Contract

  ZTE says that it has has won a wireless project contract from Cosmote Romania to transform its existing 2G/3G network and build a new LTE network in southern Romania....

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Ericsson Takes Over Managed Services for Two Romanian Networks

  Ericsson says that it has signed a seven-year managed services agreement with Romanian operators Romtelecom and Cosmote, both subsidiaries of Greece's OTE....

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Vringo Files Another Patent Lawsuit Against ZTE

  Ringtones to patent lawsuit company, Vringo has added Romania to the long list of countries where it is suing ZTE for patent infringement....

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Romanian Networks Start Switching Radio Frequencies

  Romania's mobile networks have started migrating their networks to the radio spectrum they won in a 2012 auction held by the regulator, Ancom....

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Huawei Slows Staff Employment Growth in Romania

  Huawei is planning to hire an additional 200 staff to work in Romania, taking its total workforce to 1,000 employees by 2018....

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Vodafone Tops Romanian Mobile Number Portability Charts

  The Romanian telecoms regulator has announced that just over 1.2 million phone numbers had been ported to a different provider by the end of last year....

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Romania's Regulator Consults on Radio Spectrum Auction Plans

  Romania's telecoms regulator, Ancom has opened a consultation on what to do with the left-over spectrum that was left unsold during a previous sale in 2012....

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SnapOne Adds Support for Nokia and Java Based Phones for Back-Up Service

  SnapOne has announced the availability of its Russian language version of Data Safe, for feature phone subscribers in Russia....

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Romtelecom Fined for Missing Coverage Obligations

  Romania's Romtelecom has been fined by the telecoms regulator for missing its coverage obligations....

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