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Tele Greenland Awards Network Upgrade Contracts to NSN

  Tele Greenland, the country's sole telecom operator, recently selected Nokia Solutions and Networks as the single supplier to implement its LTE network and modernize its existing GSM and 3G networks....

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Researchers Use Wi-Fi Mesh Network to Monitor Melting Glaciers

  Scientists at two UK universities plan to use Wi-Fi based network to monitor the flow of glaciers at the edge of the Greenland Ice Sheet...

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Greenland to Get a 3G Network

  Greenland's sole mobile network operator, Tele Greenland has commissioned Nokia Siemens Networks to roll out a 3G network on 900 MHz frequency and upgrade its existing core network. ...

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North America - Slowest Ever Annual Growth, but 3G Development is Positive

  The total number of mobile connections in North America rose to 277.90m at the end of Q1 08, from 257.60m a year earlier. The penetration rate saw a 5.3pp gain to 82.5%....

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