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Deutsche Telekom and Huawei demonstrate 5G E2E autonomous network slicing

  Deutsche Telekom and Huawei demonstrate yet another world first 5G technology with the addition of end-to-end autonomous behavior for 5G network slicing....

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Qualcomm Files Actions Against Meizu in the United States, Germany and France

  Qualcomm has taken actions to address what it claims are Meizu's infringement of its patents in the United States, Germany and France....

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Ericsson manages Wi-Fi connectivity for high-speed trains in Germany

  Since July 2016, Icomera and Ericsson have been implementing and supporting a mobile Internet connectivity solution onboard 386 of Deutsche Bahn's high-speed ICE trains in Germany...

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Deutsche Telekom Planning $5.6 Billion Towers Sale

  Germany's Deutsche Telekom is reportedly planning a sale of its towers infrastructure in a deal that could be worth as much as US$5.6 billion....

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Ericsson, SK Telecom and Deutsche Telekom in world's first transcontinental 5G trial

  Ericsson has partnered with SK Telecom and Deutsche Telekom to deploy the world's first transcontinental 5G trial network....

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Android Share Growth Slows After Historic Gains Last Period

  The latest smartphone OS data shows Android continuing to make year-on-year gains across a number of regions, though that trend is slowing....

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Telefónica Deutschland Ditching Base and E-Plus Brands

  Germany's Telefonica Deutschland has announced that it will be phasing out the Base and E-Plus brandnames it acquired in favour of its own O2 brandname....

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World's first LTE Licensed-Assisted Access over-the-air trial

  Deutsche Telekom and Qualcomm have carried out a trial involving the aggregation of licensed and unlicensed spectrum bands, to test LTE Licensed-Assisted Access' (LAA) ability to extend coverage and increase network capacity....

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Telefónica Deutschland to start integrating O2 and E-Plus networks in January 2016

  January 2016 will see Telefonica Deutschland begin its Germany-wide consolidation of the UMTS and GSM networks of O2 and E-Plus....

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Huawei Emerges as 2nd Largest Android Brand in EU's Big Five

  The latest smartphone sales data confirms the trend seen over the previous two months, with Android gaining market share in the U.S. while losing ground in Europe's big five markets....

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