Latest Telecoms News about Cuba

T-Mobile Enables Roaming in Cuba

  T-Mobile USA has signed an interconnect and roaming agreement with Cuba's state-owned telecoms company, Empresa De Telecomunicaciones De Cuba....

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Verizon Signs Direct Interconnection Deal with Cuba

  Cuban and U.S. telecom firms have signed an agreement to establish direct international voice traffic, basically in incoming and outgoing calls, Cuban official daily Granma reported....

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US Network Signs Mobile Roaming Agreement with Cuba

  USA based Sprint is the first U.S. wireless carrier to sign a direct roaming agreement with Telecommunications Company of Cuba (ETECSA)....

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Huawei in talks with Cuban government

  The Cuban government is in advanced talks with Huawei to do more business, Cuba's finance minister Lina Pedraza has confirmed....

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USA Denies Twitter-Like Service was Designed to Topple Cuban Government

  The US government has denied that a Twitter-like service developed by its overseas aid office that was launched in Cuba was a covert plan to spread anti-communist messages....

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Cuba Mobile Phone User Base Reached 2 Million at End of 2013

  Cuba's state-owned monopoly mobile network operator, ETECSA ended last year with just under 2 million mobile phone users, according to the Cuban News Agency....

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Canadians Get Cheaper Roaming to Cuba

  Canadian telco, Bell has announced significant decreases in its mobile roaming prices for consumers travelling to Cuba, including reductions in the cost of data, voice and text roaming....

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Cuba's Government to Slash Mobile Phone Call Costs

  Cuba's Ministry of Informatics and Communications (MIC) has announced substantial reductions in the cost of voice calls and SMS by the country's monopoly mobile network operator, Etecsa....

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Cuba Has Over One Million Mobile Phone Subscribers

  The number of mobile phones in Cuba had passed the one million mark at the end of last year, the country's National Statistics Office said in a report,...

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Cell phone subscribers in Cuba to top 1 mn by year's end

  ETECSA, Cuba's state telecommunications company, is predicting that the number of wireless subscribers on the island will exceed 1 million by the end of this year....

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