Telecoms news from Czech Republic

Telefonica Czech Republic Names New CEO Following Takeover by Local Businessman

Telefonica Czech Republic has named a new CEO following the recent purchase of a 65.9% in the company by billionaire businessman Petr Kellner's PPF Group. ...more.

Czech Networks Agree to Share LTE Infrastructure

Two Czech Republic based mobile operators, O2 and T-Mobile have signed an agreement on sharing their LTE networks. ...more.

T-Mobile Expands Testing of E-Mailed Monthly Invoices

Six months after the initial pilot transfer in September 2013, Czech Republic based T-Mobile has decided to offer electronic statements to another 125,000 customers for testing. ...more.

Czech Networks in 4G Infrastructure Sharing Talks

Two Czech Republic networks have started talks that could see them sharing their LTE network infrastructure. ...more.

Deutsche Telekom Increasing Support for Firefox Based Smartphones

Deutsche Telekom says that it is making a stronger commitment to smartphones based on the Firefox OS, and will launch two new models this summer. ...more.

Deutsche Telekom Pays $1.1 Billion for Remainder of T-Mobile Czech Republic

Germany's Deutsche Telekom has announced that it is paying EUR800 million (US$1.1 billion) to buy the remaining nearly 40% of T-Mobile Czech Republic that it does not already own. ...more.

Czech Republic Sells Radio Spectrum to Incumbent Mobile Networks

All three mobile networks in the Czech Republic have been allocated radio spectrum following the regulator's second attempt at selling off the LTE licenses. ...more.

Deutsche Telekom Boosts Landline Capabilities in Eastern Europe

Deutsche Telekom is spending EUR546 million to buy the Eastern European landline operator, GTS. ...more.

Telefonica Signs Deal to Sell Czech Republic Subsidiary for EUR2.5 Billion

Telefonica has confirmed the details of the long expected sale of a majority stake in its Czexh Republic subsidiary to local billionaire businessman, Petr Kellner's PPF Group. ...more.

Telefonica Close to Selling Czech Subsidiary

Telefonica is said to be close to a deal that would see it sell its majority stake in the Czech Republic subsidiary to the local billionaire Petr Kellner's PPF Group. ...more.

Vodafone Outlines Czech LTE Rollout Plans

Vodafone's Czech Republic subsidiary says that it is going to cover over half the area of the country with 3G and LTE by March 2014. ...more.

Czech Networks Expand Tower Sharing Agreement

Telefonica Czech Republic and T-Mobile Czech Republic have signed an agreement to share their current 2G and 3G mobile networks. ...more.

Telefonica Confirms Talks to Sell Czech Subsidiary

Telefonica is said to be close to a deal that would see it sell its controlling stake in its Czech Republic subsidiary as the company continues to pay down its debt mountain. ...more.

Commission suspends Czech regulator's proposal on fixed termination changes

The European Commission has suspended a proposal from the Czech telecoms regulator (CTU) concerning regulatory remedies for the fixed termination markets ...more.

Five Bidders for Czech Spectrum Auction

The Czech Republic's telecoms regulator, the CTU says that it has received five applications for its forthcoming radio spectrum auction. ...more.

Deutsche Telekom Could Sell Czech Stake

Germany's Deutsche Telekom could consider selling its 61% stake in its Czech Republic subsidiary as part of a wider revamp of its Eastern European operations. ...more.

Czech Networks Looking to Expand Infrastructure Sharing Agreement

The Czech Republic networks, Telefonica O2 and T-Mobile have started negotiations regarding the consolidation of their current 2G and 3G mobile networks. ...more.

Czech Republic to Take Second Go at 4G Spectrum Auction

The Czech Republic's telecoms regulator will take a second attempt at auctioning off its 4G radio spectrum in November, after it cancelled a previous auction back in March. ...more.

Vodafone and Telefonica Close to Network Sharing Deal in Czech Republic

Two Czech Republic based mobile networks, Vodafone and Telefonica are reported to be close to a deal to share their network infrastructures. ...more.

Czech Republic Regulator Holds Talks With 4G License Bidders

The Czech Republic's telecoms regulator has held talks with potential new bidders as it seeks to carry out another attempt to sell its 4G licenses. ...more.