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Mobile Phone Fraud in Canada Grows 66% since beginning of the year

  Total growth in unwanted nuisance calls in Canada has grown 66% since January and nearly doubled since the middle of the year....

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Telus and Huawei achieve wireless download speeds of nearly 30 Gbps

  Canada's Telus says that it has demonstrated wireless download speeds of nearly 30Gbps, using hardware supplied by Huawei....

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Only 23% of Canadians Feel They Need to Be Always Reachable - 19 Points Below Global Average

  New research shows that Canadians strongly value their ability to disconnect....

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Canada Denies Immigration Visas to Huawei Employees

  Canada's government is preparing to deny entry visa to two Huawei employees over concerns about spying by the company....

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Bell Canada Makes Takeover Bid for Manitoba Telecom Services

  Bell Canada has announced that it is paying C$3.9 billion (US$2.5 billion) to buy local rival, Manitoba Telecom Services....

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Huawei to speed up hiring of new staff in Canada

  Huawei has announced plans to spend C$303 million to add as many as 250 new research and development workers to its Ontario, Canada operations over the next two years....

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200 Redundancies at BlackBerry

  BlackBerry has made around 200 staff redundant at its Canadian headquarters, including BBM co-founder Gary Klassen....

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One in Ten (9%) Canadians Do Not Have Internet Access at Home

  Relevance (49%) Trumps Cost (30%), As Main Reason for Canadians Not Subscribing to Internet at Home ...

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14% Mobile Connected Commuters Engage in Commuter Commerce

  More than one in ten (14%) mobile connected commuters engage in commuter commerce, according to an Ipsos poll conducted on behalf of PayPal....

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Video content increasingly consumed on mobile technologies

  The percentage of Anglophones who watched Internet video content on a tablet grew from 20% in 2013 to 26% in 2014, while among Francophones it increased from 16% to 25%...

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