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Wi-fi on Rays of Light: 100 Times Faster, and Never Overloaded
March 19th 2017 - 10:30 GMT
Eindhoven University of Technology gets a speed of 42.8 Gbit/s with a ray of light in an optical wireless network...more

Deutsche Telekom and Huawei Demonstrate 5G E2E Autonomous Network Slicing
November 28th 2016 - 01:25 GMT
Deutsche Telekom and Huawei demonstrate yet another world first 5G technology with the addition of end-to-end autonomous behavior for 5G network slicing....more

SK Telecom and Ericsson Conduct First Multi-vehicular 5G Trials with BMW
November 24th 2016 - 01:25 GMT
Ericsson, SK Telecom and BMW have revealed the most advanced 5G outdoor mobility trial, including the first multi-vehicular 5G trials....more

Ericsson Announces New Tower-top Design to Optimize Radio System Deployment
November 23rd 2016 - 01:30 GMT
Ericsson is launching a new Tower-Top Site design that enables operators to deploy a fully-integrated suite of radio and microwave technologies, ...more

NEC Technology Uses Geomagnetism to Locate Individuals
November 21st 2016 - 01:00 GMT
NEC says that it has developed a technology that utilizes geomagnetism to determine the exact location of subjects inside of buildings, where the frame and other steel materials may interfere with GPS signals....more

Ericsson and Qualcomm Successfully Test CAT-M1 for Telstra
November 9th 2016 - 01:30 GMT
Ericsson and Qualcomm have successfully executed network and device testing of data communications on Cat M1 with the MDM9206 modem, designed to support LTE Cat-M1 for Internet of Things (IoT)...more

Forsk Signs OSSii Agreement with Ericsson
November 1st 2016 - 01:25 GMT
Through this agreement, Forsk will get access to technical specifications for the development and maintenance of interfaces between Atoll and Ericsson OSS systems....more

NEC Develops Radio Sensing System to Visualize Use of Radio Spectrum in Real Time
October 28th 2016 - 01:00 GMT
NEC has announced the development of a radio sensing system that measures the usage of radio spectrum and visualizes its use in real time. ...more

Smallest. Transistor. Ever.
October 7th 2016 - 01:00 GMT
Berkeley Lab-led research breaks major barrier in transistor size by creating gate only 1-nanometer long...more

'Smart Clothing' Could Someday Power Cell Phones with the Sun's Rays
October 6th 2016 - 02:00 GMT
Scientists report the first fibers suitable for weaving into tailorable textiles that can capture and release solar energy....more

Smartphone Microscope Creates Interactive Tool for Microbiology
October 6th 2016 - 01:40 GMT
A new 3-D printed, easily assembled smartphone microscope developed at Stanford University turns microbiology into game time. The device allows kids to play games or make more serious observations with miniature light-seeking microbes called Euglena....more

Wireless 'data Center on a Chip' Aims to Cut Energy Use
October 6th 2016 - 01:20 GMT
A research team has designed a tiny, wireless data center that someday could be as small as a hand-held device and dramatically reduce the energy needed to run such centers....more

Telstra Triples Uplink Speeds and Hits Gigabit Downlink Speeds in Live Network Demonstration
September 14th 2016 - 01:20 GMT
Ericsson has announced the achievement of another commercial milestone in the delivery of high speed mobile broadband data, ...more

Qualcomm and AT&T to Test 4G Controlled Drones
September 14th 2016 - 01:00 GMT
Qualcomm and AT&T are to test Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), or drones, on commercial LTE networks....more

Ericsson First to Deliver 5G NR Radio
September 9th 2016 - 01:25 GMT
Ericsson is commercializing the world's first 5G NR radio for massive MIMO, with the first deployments coming in 2017. ...more

New Chip Could Bring Highest Level of Encryption to Any Mobile Device
September 8th 2016 - 08:20 GMT
For the first time, engineers have developed a fast random number generator based on a quantum mechanical process that could deliver the world's most secure encryption keys in a package tiny enough to use in a mobile device. ...more

New Service Improves Cloud Storage Usage on Mobile Devices
September 7th 2016 - 09:45 GMT
A new service developed at Binghamton University, State University of New York could improve performance of mobile devices that save data to the cloud. ...more

Smartphone Hacks 3-D Printer by Measuring 'leaked' Energy and Acoustic Waves
September 7th 2016 - 09:20 GMT
The ubiquity of smartphones and their sophisticated gadgetry make them an ideal tool to steal sensitive data from 3-D printers. ...more

New Digital Antenna Could Revolutionize the Future of Mobile Phones
September 1st 2016 - 01:30 GMT
Aalto University's Radio Science and Engineering researchers have developed a method that allows antennas to make the shift from the analogue to the digital world. The antennas currently in use are mostly based on technology developed half a century ago....more

Extending Battery Life for Mobile Devices
August 26th 2016 - 01:30 GMT
A team of researchers have introduced a new radio technology that allows small mobile devices to take advantage of battery power in larger devices nearby for communication. ...more

Fungi Recycle Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries
August 22nd 2016 - 01:55 GMT
A team of researchers is turning to naturally occurring fungi to drive an environmentally friendly recycling process to extract cobalt and lithium from tons of waste batteries. ...more

Ericsson and China Mobile Conduct World's First 5G Drone Prototype Field Trial
August 17th 2016 - 01:00 GMT
Ericsson and China Mobile have partnered to conduct the world's first 5G-enabled drone prototype field trial on operator's network. The trial represents a major milestone on the road to 5G....more

Wi-fi from Lasers
August 16th 2016 - 01:00 GMT
While Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are now well established technologies, there are several advantages gained by shortening the wavelength of the electromagnetic waves used for transmitting information....more

See-through Circuitry
August 15th 2016 - 01:00 GMT
Researchers have found a way to make transparent transistors and other essential components of electronic circuitry using inexpensive and readily available materials and a simple fabrication technique....more

Ericsson and Bombardier Test LTE Networks at Speeds Up to 200 Km/h
August 11th 2016 - 01:00 GMT
Ericsson and railway carriage builder, Bombardier have completed trials of LTE networks for railway solutions at simulated speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour....more

Huawei and Vodafone Achieve 20GBPS for Single User Outdoor at E_band
July 26th 2016 - 03:00 GMT
Huawei and Vodafone have completed a 5G mmWave field test at Vodafone's offices in Newbury, UK....more

Engineered 'sand' May Help Cool Electronic Devices
July 13th 2016 - 01:25 GMT
Not beach sand, but silicon dioxide nanoparticles coated with a high dielectric constant polymer to inexpensively provide improved cooling for increasingly power-hungry electronic devices....more

Ericsson 5G Prototypes Connect Moving Vehicle at Multi-Gbps Speeds
July 6th 2016 - 01:50 GMT
Ericsson 5G Radio Prototypes demonstrate vehicular connectivity required to address smart vehicles and intelligent transport applications...more

ZTE Completes 5G High-frequency Communication and Massive MIMO Uplink Tests
July 5th 2016 - 02:10 GMT
ZTE says that it has completed the verification and performance tests of the 5G high-frequency communication and massive multiple input multiple output (MIMO) technologies in Shanghai and Shenzhen respectively....more

Mobile Network Test: Ericsson Lean Carrier Verified In Telstra 4G LTE Service
July 5th 2016 - 01:45 GMT
Ericsson launched a new proprietary LTE software innovation to improve both the user experience and the spectrum efficiency of mobile networks by applying 5G ultra-lean design concepts to today's LTE networks....more

Faster Route to Market for VoLTE Services As Ericsson Embraces New GSMA Initiative
July 4th 2016 - 01:45 GMT
Ericsson embraces the GSMA's initiative for Open Market Devices aiming to support faster operator launches of VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling services....more

Samsung Planning $1.2 Billion Investment in IoT Tech
June 30th 2016 - 11:11 GMT
Samsung Electronics has announced plans to spend $1.2 billion over 4 years for U.S.-based Internet of Things (IoT) R&D and investments. ...more

SK Telecom and Ericsson Demonstrate Software-Defined Infrastructure for 5G
June 29th 2016 - 22:41 GMT
South Korea's SK Telecom announced that it, together with Ericsson, demonstrated for the first time in the world 'Software-Defined Telecommunications Infrastructure (SDTI)' based on Hyperscale Datacenter System 8000...more

Mobile, Phone-based Microscopes Work Well in the Field with Minimal Training
June 28th 2016 - 03:00 GMT
Handheld, mobile phone-based microscopes can be used in developing countries after minimal training of community laboratory technicians to diagnose intestinal parasites quickly and accurately. ...more

Qualcomm Adds Snapdragon Support for Europe's GPS Service, Galileo
June 28th 2016 - 01:55 GMT
Qualcomm says that it is adding support for Europe's own GPS location system, Galileo into its chips....more

Huawei Opens Global Research Center in France
June 16th 2016 - 02:15 GMT
Huawei has opened a mathematics research center in France....more

DoCoMo and Ericsson Perform Proof of Concept of Dynamic 5G Network Slicing
June 13th 2016 - 01:55 GMT
NTT DoCoMo and Ericsson have announced their successful completion of a joint Proof of Concept (PoC) of dynamic network slicing technology for 5G core networks ...more

NEC Develops Real-time Control of IoT Devices in Factories
June 9th 2016 - 01:00 GMT
NEC has announced the development of a network technology that enables production lines to be flexibly adapted through real-time remote control of devices...more

Nokia and MTS Group to Collaborate on IoT and 5G in Russia
May 26th 2016 - 01:00 GMT
Nokia and Russia's MTS have signed a collaboration agreement that will create a path to the realization of 5G technology....more

Distance Wireless Charging Enhanced by Magnetic Metamaterials
May 11th 2016 - 02:00 GMT
Some devices can already be charged wirelessly by placing the mobile device on top of a charging base. The next step, charging devices without the need of taking them out of one's pocket, might be just around the corner. ...more