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Worldwide Internet of Things Market Growth to Be Led by Digital Signage
May 25th 2015 - 02:00 GMT
The worldwide Internet of Things (IoT) market is expected to grow 19% in 2015, led by digital signage, according to a new forecast from International Data Corporation (IDC)....more

Many Pharma Digital Marketing Teams Under-Prepared for Mobile & Wearable Era
May 22nd 2015 - 02:05 GMT
Google recently announced that mobile has surpassed desktop searches in popularity in the United States and many other countries....more

Each Job in Wireless Tech Supports More Than 6 Jobs Elsewhere
May 22nd 2015 - 01:40 GMT
Spectrum licensed to U.S. wireless carriers generates more than $400 billion annually in economic activity, according to a report issued by the Brattle Group and prepared for CTIA....more

Mobile Device User Interfaces Will Evolve Beyond Touchscreens
May 21st 2015 - 01:25 GMT
Since the emergence of the smartphone, touch has been the primary user interface technology for mobile devices, developing over time from single-point touch to multi-touch gestures....more

Commercial Tablet and 2-in-1 Expansion Accelerates in Western Europe
May 20th 2015 - 02:00 GMT
The overall tablet market in Western Europe remained challenged in 1Q15, declining 10.5% year over year with total shipments totaling 8.5 million units. ...more

India's IT Infrastructure Spending On Pace to Exceed $2 Billion in 2015
May 20th 2015 - 01:30 GMT
The Indian IT infrastructure market will total $2.02 billion in 2015, a 3.3 percent increase from 2014, according to Gartner. ...more

Smartphones Spur Shift in Small and Medium Display Panel Demand
May 19th 2015 - 03:20 GMT
Ongoing improvements in smartphone display performance is leading to increasing demand for high-resolution panels with lower power consumption requirements,...more

Mobile Phone Bans Lead to Rise in Student Test Scores
May 19th 2015 - 01:40 GMT
Banning cellphones in schools reaps the same benefits as extending the school year by five days, according to a study co-authored by an economist at The University of Texas at Austin....more

UK Companies Slow to Adopt 4G Services
May 19th 2015 - 01:00 GMT
Businesses are in danger of missing out on the digital revolution and falling behind their more tech-savvy competitors. ...more

Internet of Things Adoption in India Will Advance at a Slow Pace Through 2020
May 18th 2015 - 02:45 GMT
Indian enterprises are at the early stages of understanding the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on their business. While the concept of IoT is not completely foreign to Indian enterprises, adoption will advance at a slow pace through 2020....more

Owning Innovation: Study Shows Major Shifts in the Technology We Own
May 18th 2015 - 02:05 GMT
A major shift in the consumer electronics products owned by U.S. households is now underway, according to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)....more

UK Travelers Making More Mobile Purchases and Bookings on Tablets Than US Travelers
May 18th 2015 - 01:45 GMT
Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of the 48 million people in the U.K. engaging with digital content across smartphones, tablets and PCs are interacting with travel-related content compared to two-thirds (63 percent) in the U.S....more

Wireless IoT Devices in Industrial Automation Exceeded 10 Million in 2014
May 18th 2015 - 01:00 GMT
According to a new research report from the analyst firm Berg Insight, the installed base of wireless IoT devices in industrial automation reached 10.3 million in 2014. ...more

Thailand Can Increase GDP by US$23 Billion by 2020 Through Mobile Broadband Policy
May 15th 2015 - 01:55 GMT
Effective government policy in Thailand could increase mobile and fixed broadband penetration to 133 per cent by 2020, up from 52 per cent in 2013, according to the GSM Association....more

Subscriber Data Management Market Up 29 Percent As Big Data, VoLTE Rev
May 15th 2015 - 01:30 GMT
Worldwide subscriber data management (SDM) market grew 29 percent in 2014 over 2013, to $1.4 billion, fueled by operator demand for voice over LTE (VoLTE) and subscriber analytics....more

EY and Ericsson Study Maps Successful Mobile Operator Strategies
May 15th 2015 - 01:00 GMT
With traditional revenues under pressure and mobile data use soaring, operators have been forced to evolve both their networks and their business models. Some have been more successful than others. ...more

Carrier Wi-Fi Market Holds Strong Before Unlicensed-LTE Launch
May 14th 2015 - 02:00 GMT
The rapid development of LTE-U standards and the increasing number of its proponents brings into question the relationship between cellular network and Wi-Fi....more

Apple Watch Success Needed for a Smartwatch Mega Boom
May 14th 2015 - 01:20 GMT
The smartwatch market will grow from 3.6 million unit shipments in 2014, to 101 million shipments in 2020...more

Android Overtakes Apple IOS for Mobile Ad Revenue Share
May 13th 2015 - 01:45 GMT
Mobile advertising data from first quarter of 2015 shows Android not just leading in traffic, but now revenue, holding a 45.8% share of total revenue generated on the platform, ...more

Big Jump in Carrier WiFi Gear Expected in 2015 As 802.11ac, Hotspot 2.0 Accelerate
May 13th 2015 - 01:25 GMT
Mobile operator spending, particularly by large tier-1s such as China Mobile, drove global carrier WiFi equipment revenue to US$336 million in the second half of 2014, ...more

Apple and Samsung Driving Evolution in Embedded Touch Mobile Phone Displays
May 12th 2015 - 01:20 GMT
Embedded touch displays, including in-cell and on-cell touch displays, are forecast to comprise nearly 40 percent of touch module shipments for mobile phone applications this year, ...more

Global PC Shipments Fall 7% As Major Categories Start to Struggle
May 12th 2015 - 01:00 GMT
The global PC market, including tablets, experienced an annual decline of 7% in Q1 2015, reaching 115.7 million units worldwide....more

IPhone Owners Dominate Commerce at Point of Sale Over Android
May 11th 2015 - 02:25 GMT
Today, mobile proximity payments make up a mere 1% of all retail transactions, compared to total online payments at 9%....more

Smartphone Apps Processor Revenue Grew 21% to Reach $20.9 Billion in 2014
May 8th 2015 - 01:20 GMT
The global smartphone applications processor (AP) market registered a robust 21 percent year-over-year growth to reach $20.9 billion in calendar year 2014,...more

MEA Smartphone Market Rockets As Cheap Devices Spur Surge in Demand
May 8th 2015 - 01:00 GMT
Spurred by the increased availability of cheaper models and dual-SIM devices, IDC announced that smartphones accounted for 41.9% of all mobile handset shipments to the region in 2014, ...more

Over 27% of Global Online Transactions are Now on Mobile Devices
May 7th 2015 - 02:00 GMT
Online payments made using mobile devices continues to rise globally according to the findings, now accounting for 27.2% of the total online payments made in Q1 2015...more

India's Devices Shipments to Grow 4.5 Percent in 2015
May 7th 2015 - 01:00 GMT
The combined shipments of devices (PCs, tablets, ultramobiles and mobile phones) in India are forecast to total 300 million units in 2015, an increase of 4.5 percent over 2014,...more

Mobile Purchases to Account for a Third of UK Retail Ecommerce Sales
May 6th 2015 - 02:30 GMT
Purchases made via mobile devices will account for a rapidly growing share of UK retail ecommerce sales and are expected to contribute to strong growth this year,...more

Gartner Says Prices of PCs to Rise by Up to 10 Percent in 2015
May 6th 2015 - 01:00 GMT
Device vendors will have to raise the prices of PCs to offset the effects of currency devaluation, according to Gartner....more

IoT Platform Revenues Will Grow to EUR2.4 Billion Worldwide in 2020
May 5th 2015 - 02:30 GMT
Total IoT platform revenues are forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32.2 percent from € 450 million in 2014 to € 2.4 billion in 2020....more

Revenue from Tablet Apps Processors Reached $4.2 Billion in 2014
May 5th 2015 - 02:00 GMT
Intel Grabs the non-Apple Tablet Chip Market...more

For the Second Straight Quarter, Tablet Market Experiences Contraction
May 5th 2015 - 01:40 GMT
Overall shipments for tablets and 2-in-1 devices fell to 47.1 million in 1Q15, a -5.9% decline from the same quarter a year ago, ...more

Mobile Broadband Creates New Behaviors Amongst Urban Indian Smartphone Users
May 5th 2015 - 01:00 GMT
Three in five smartphone users use mobile broadband in urban India. Mid-size and small cities are showing higher smartphone penetration levels at 33 percent...more

LTE Basebands Accounted for Over 50 Percent of Cellular Baseband Revenue in 2014
May 4th 2015 - 01:45 GMT
Qualcomm, MediaTek, Spreadtrum, Marvell and Intel Held the Top-five Revenue Share Spots...more

Hybrid Computing Tablets Gain Traction in Malaysia
May 1st 2015 - 02:45 GMT
Amidst the slowing down consumer demand for laptops in Malaysia due to maturation of the market, one particular segment which has been continuing to record increasing sales in the past 12 months is the hybrid computing tablet. ...more

Researchers Harness the Power of Mobile Devices to Teach Kids About Safety
May 1st 2015 - 01:55 GMT
Since it's nearly impossible to keep mobile devices out of the hands of children, they might as well learn something worthwhile using these devices. That was the idea behind the development of a game app to teach youngsters about bicycle and dog bite safety....more

Japan's Mobile Operators Gear Up for 3.5GHz Rollouts
May 1st 2015 - 01:30 GMT
The mobile infrastructure market in Japan fell 19 percent year-over-year in 2014, to $4.1 billion, as 3G investments in the region stalled, ...more

Mobile Infrastructure Spending in China Jumped 51 Percent in 2014
April 30th 2015 - 01:25 GMT
Mobile infrastructure spending soared in 2014, led by WCDMA network expansion at China Unicom and robust TD-LTE eNodeB deployments at China Mobile...more

64 LTE-A Systems Commercially Launched in 39 Countries
April 29th 2015 - 02:40 GMT
A new information paper released by GSA confirms that 64 operators have commercially launched LTE-A systems in 39 countries, and includes operator names and their respective theoretical peak downlink speeds....more

US Smartphone Sales Among Consumers Earning Less Than $30,000 Grow More Than 50%
April 29th 2015 - 01:30 GMT
As U.S mobile phones sales transition to predominately smartphones, buyers have become significantly older and less affluent. ...more